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"When leaders stop developing so also do their staff and when staff stop learning so also do their pupils"

These are the sentiments which inform and motivate the work of the Regional Training Unit (RTU) in Northern Ireland as a developer of current and future school and education sector leaders.

RTU supports the professional development of leaders and senior managers in all schools in Northern Ireland. This includes the emergent/middle leader, those leaders aspiring to a first headship position, as well as serving heads, senior school leaders and education leaders and managers. RTU presently has over 130 trainee head teachers on their developmental journey through PHQ.


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Leadership Development Partners


Invitation to become an Leadership Development Partner (LDP).

RTU is presently reviewing the Leadership Development Partner Scheme previously established to involve outstanding / very good school and educational leaders in the design, development and delivery of schools leadership development programmes.


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Please find a copy of the evaluation report on the Cohort 12 placement experience.

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Closing the Gaps - Boys Underachievement27 Jan 2014 - 14 Feb 2014
Coaching Master Classes09 Dec 2013 - 25 Dec 2013
PQH (NI) CH15 Interpersonal Skills Seminars02 Oct 2013 - 31 Oct 2013
School Leader as Coach Programme - Cohort 6 & 717 Oct 2013 - 25 Oct 2013

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Deepening School Leadership

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Deepening School Leadership is designed as part of the Regional Training Unit's provision for Emergent Leaders in the context of schools in Northern Ireland. It is mainly focused on the continuing professional development of those teachers who have leadership responsibilities in a group or groups of other staff but are not yet at the level of Senior Leaders in the school. The materials may also be navigated in ways that would support school leaders with a variety of roles and levels of experience.

It complements the support given through the Steps into Leadership programme and assist those who will in the near future enter the Senior Leadership Pathways programme.

Pathways through

Recommended as essential for all middle - senior leaders
Useful extension material for school leaders at all stages
Extension material for senior leaders and those aspiring to VP/P posts


Leadership Team Resources

Resources, Videos and Documents for Leadership Teams.

School Leadership Matters

A RTU/LDS commissioned report from PWC on 'The attractiveness of headship' in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The report provides an in depth analysis of the issues surrounding recruitment to headship across both jurisdictions.